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Jan Van Der Crabben
CEO & Founder

Ancient History Enciclopedia

Cristian was an Ancient History Encyclopedia team member in the function of author and editor for several years. 

He specializes in the history of religion, philosophy, and science, with a focus on ancient Greece and India. His work has been instrumental in filling essential gaps in our encyclopedia project on said areas. His pieces are very popular with our readers.  

His research is detailed and thorough. He excels at compressing it to the essentials and conveying the subject matter in a readable and engaging way. Working with Cristian is always a pleasure, as he's a great team member, always supportive and eager to drive the project forward with good ideas.'

Maria Nätscher
Events Coordinator & Public Relations 

Bibliothek Zug

Cristian can turn any topic into an engaging conference.

Mythology, archaeology, history, anthropology, you name it. He always presents a fresh look, his style is friendly, and the resonance of the topics leaves the audience excited and fueled with new ideas. He is super approachable and always takes the time to engage and talk to the public after an event.