Cristian is a passionate Public Speaker who can trigger any audience's curiosity and kindle their understanding in an entertaining way. The inspiring lessons of history are a rich source of material that can stimulate ideas on the general public.

Each of Cristian’s conferences explores a historical topic or theme connected to subjects that have currency in our times: their resonance is what makes these sessions meaningful. His ability to present complex topics in a way that is both concise and lively keeps his audience engaged and filled with new ideas.

Learn how you can benefit from Cristian’s public speaking skills.


Cristian has the right skillset to tailor the perfect conference experience according to the audience background and the goals of his clients.

The success of libraries, cultural centers, museums, and bookstores relies on attracting intellectually curious people who are inclined to learn more. This is precisely the kind of audience that will attend a conference like this.

Other locations such as coffee shops and bars can also be places where learning flourishes in a casual setting, attracting a brand new audience.

With these events, your venue/organization gets exposure and noticed by a new type of public: offering a space for like-minded individuals to share their passion for a topic can create the momentum to organize other types of events as well.